June 3, 2005: Thanks to a certain class, I've now added a music section to this site. Hopefully, said music section will get more useful with time. If you have any good ideas as for what should go there, feel free to let me know.

May 20, 2005: Once again, it has been a while since I last updated. And once again, school kept my busy (more than somewhat this time). All I've done is added a few quotes to the quotes page. However, because one of my classes requires me to "create" a web page, I should in the near future be adding components to this page so that this page will meet the minimum requirements. (Maybe I'll be forced to remove the "actually contains content" line from the front page.) However, with this website now being categorized as "homework," further updates may be delayed because updating this page is now considered "procrastinating." In other news, I am working on reading Orwell's 1984, which has led me to consider whether a world without any governments would actually work. Expect an essay on the subject shortly. And once again, I hope to learn javascript sometime in the near future. (But you know it isn't going to happen.)

October 31, 2004: Yes, I know it's been a while since I've last updated. School kept me somewhat busy, to say the least. The most recent addition to the writings page is an election day special, Idealism vs Realism. Upcoming: over thanksgiving break, I hope to learn enough javascript to create buttons to replace the links, and add a level of skill to this page. I also hope to create a new opening page advertisement to replace the current newspaper lovers one, and possibly store old ads in an archive. Finally, one of these days, I'll write another essay. The next one you should see will probably be my exam week special, though if I get ambitious I might write one before then. Oh, and if anyone can figure out what the HTML tag for "TAB" is, I would appreciate knowing that.

July 29, 2004: Added a new essay to the writings page, regarding the thoughts of a non-socialite regarding courtship and dating. (I guess that makes me uniquely qualified, doesn't it?) See if you can tell where in the essay I left off and picked up two weeks later.

July 26, 2004: Added an essay from my high school years, "The Tragedy of the Commons" to the writings list. Regarding current work, I am halfway through my next essay (perhaps diatribe would be a more appropriate term). Unlike the last essay I was writing and had to abandon halfway temporarily, this one is not time-sensitive. One day, I will finish, despite what naysayers may say.

July 5, 2004: Added a quotes page. [finally]

June 30, 2004: Added another written work to the ever growing list. Regarding the previous ambitious plans in the next paragraph [the grammatical oddities of reverse chronological order], a) I got busy, and b) I went home. Besides, if I actually followed through on my plans, could I actually claim what I do on the main page?

May 14, 2004: Added a links page, this update page, and also uploaded a few buttons to decorate the web page. After seeing this eyesore, decided: a) Don't change your major to graphic design; b) Replace the buttons, fast. In the near future, you should see another essay in the writings section, one that is currently half finished, and possibly a quotes page. If I ever get ambitious, you might even find a crosswords page as well.