The following is a list of essays, poems, and other compositions on varying topics that I have written (and continue to write) over time.
Of these works, a large number are completely unrevised, and some were not even reread after being finished. As a result, if you catch a grammatical or spelling error, I would appreciate it if you let me know.
Some of these writings were written for classes, while others were written for self-amusement and humour value. The ones written for classes tend more often to be the ones that were actually revised more than zero times.
Disclaimer: some of these writings contain humourous content that was not meant to be taken seriously. The Author does not claim any responsibility for any negative effects that may occur if someone who is unable to tell the difference attempts to try some of the suggestions. The Author also does not claim any responsibility if these same people have misguided anger over a joke.
Read and enjoy!

Oct. 31, 2004: Idealism vs Realism
Which is better?

July 29, 2004: Reflections on Dating, Love, and Marriage
My two cents on this topic

July 26, 2004: The Tragedy of the Commons
The joys of communism

Jun. 30, 2004: My March Break Cooking Experience
What to do when the cafe closes for a week

Apr. 15, 2004: Global Warming
Essay two in the global issues series

Mar. 15, 2004: Childhood Memories
Reflections on growing up in the city

Mar. 11, 2004: The Spell of Sleep
Finishing an assignment in the early hours of the morning

Feb. 6, 2004: 80 Hours
Reflections on burnout, insanity, and sleep deprivation

Jan. 19, 2004: Six Lousy Syllables
An experience with writing metric poetry

Jan. 17, 2004: Search for Salvation
My search to find the Biblically supported method of salvation

Jan. 4, 2004: To Study or Not to Study
Shakespeare for the college student

Dec. 2, 2003: Overpopulation
A discussion of various solutions to this global issue